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Database dictionary and IR Expert

Installing IR Expert creates three changes in the Database Dictionary utility:

  • The IR key types are available in the key list.
  • The regenerate type IR Regen is available when keys in a file that contains an IR key has been modified.
  • The Type field in the datadict.g record reflects the presence of an IR key in a file.

Note: An IR Regen does not necessarily rebuild any indices other than IR indices. If you modify any key other than an IR key, Service Manager may not recognize the change until you perform a full regen. The average IR Regen time is 1 minute for each 2,500 records.

Data Policy information (datadict file) is a critical factor in the IR Query application. It stores details on which files contain IR keys and which fields within those files are keyed for IR queries. You can access the datadict file by clicking Tailoring > Data Policy.

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