Creating an IR file

An IR file contains information that duplicates data in other Service Manager tables, such as problem, cm3r and cm3t. Service Manager uses IR files for information retrieval.

You create the IR file as you would create any other Service Manager table. It must contain an IR key in addition to the key used in the link query. The field names do not have to be identical, but a number field must be the unique key in the IR files accessed by the probsummary, cm3t, and cm3r files.

There is a sample ir.probsummary table in the out-of-box Incident Management application. This table, and all ir.<filename> tables, are in the Service ManagerData directory.

NoteService Manager creates these files automatically when you perform an IR Regen on database dictionary tables that contain IR keys, and when users add or update records in tables containing IR keys.

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