Updates to IR files

You can update IR files in two modes:

Asynchronous mode

The default mode.

The system places changes to the IR key in a queue. They are not processed immediately. A separate background process (IRQUEUE), writes the accumulated updates into the IR index files. The changes are then available for searches. Query response time is faster when using Asynchronous IR. In asynchronous mode, updates to files that have an IR key do not have to wait for the completion of IR queries that are executing at the same time.

Note  If the IRQUEUE process is not running for any reason, changes to IR index data are not available to users. IR files do not reflect the newest IR index data and therefore will not retrieve newly added data. However, searches will work against existing IR data.

Synchronous mode

The system immediately writes All IR Expert updates into the IR Expert files. The IRQUEUE processor is not used.

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