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Check Service Level Target metrics on a dashboard

You can check the overall status of the Service Targets or Process Targets to better understand the performance of your business. The Service Level Agreement (SLA) dashboards provide comprehensive information about the targets.

To check the Service Level Target metrics on the SLA dashboards, follow these steps:

  1. Click Service Level Management > SLA Overview.
  2. Select a category of information that you want to check from the drop-down list on the toolbar.
  3. (Optional) To save the current page as the default view of the dashboard, click the Save as home page icon .
  4. (Optional) To get the latest data, click Refresh .
  5. (Optional) To export the current page as a PDF document, click Export .
  6. (Optional) To create a new dashboard, click Create New Dashboard and then follow the instructions.
  7. (Optional) To add new content into the dashboard, click Add Content and then follow the instructions. For example, you can add new content to the dashboard to monitor the SLA, OLA, or UC status.

Note A new table "sloresponsehist" is added, and the table is mainly a copy of the standard "sloresponse" dbdict with necessary amendments for the working time of assignment groups. You can use the table for report generation.

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