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Configure Process Targets for assignment groups

Before you can check the record handling performance of a group that is assigned to handle a record, you must configure the associated Process Target so that the system applies the duration of a target to specific group(s).

Note This configuration only applies to the Operation Level Agreement (OLA) or Underpinning Contract (UC) service level categories.

To configure a Process Target for assignment groups, follow these steps:

  1. Click Service Level Management > Agreements > Process Targets.
  2. If you want to define a new target, go to the next step.
    If you want to edit an exiting target, specify your search criteria in appropriate fields, click Search, and then click an appropriate SLT ID .
  3. Select appropriate assignment groups from the Duration scope drop-down list.
  4. (Optional) If the duration type is Interval or Duration in Record, you can select Assignment Group as the applicable schedule and time zone by clicking Assignment Group.
    The schedule and time zone that is defined for the assignment group is used. If no schedule or time zone is defined for the assignment group, the system uses 24x7 as the default schedule and the time zone of the system server as the default time zone.

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