Add a Service Catalog bundle

Applies to User Roles:

Service Catalog Manager

  1. Click Service Catalog > Administration > Manage Items.
  2. Click Add New Bundle.
  3. Complete the following fields:

    Field Description
    Bundle Name The unique name of the bundle. This must be unique for each bundle, as it is the unique identifier of the bundle in the catalog.
    Display Name The display name of the bundle.
    Description A short description of the bundle.
    Detailed Description

    A detailed description of the bundle. This may include instructions on how to request the bundle.

    Note You can format the text in the Detailed Description field. Refer to the HTML Editor help for more information.

    Restrict request to single bundle check box If desired, select this option to limit the quantity of this bundle that a user can order to one. If you select this option, the quantity field on the order form will display "1" and will not be editable.
  4. Click Next.
  5. Choose a parent category for the bundle to belong to from the drop-down list, and then click Next.
  6. Choose whether it is a New Item or an Existing Item.
    • If you select New Item, the New Service Item Wizard opens. You must complete the steps in the New Service Item Wizard before you can finish adding a new bundle.
    • If you select Existing Item, continue to follow the steps in this topic.
  7. Specify the information for the existing item or bundle that you want to add to the new bundle.

    Note You cannot add items tagged Information-only to a bundle.

    • Choose an item or a bundle to add from the drop-down list. The drop-down list will not include information-only items.
    • Select the quantity of the item or bundle to add.
    • Select whether the item or bundle is Mandatory, Default, or Optional.
  8. Click Next.
  9. Select the number of items that should be included in the bundle, and then click Next.
  10. Continue to add additional items and bundles to this new bundle until you are satisfied with its contents.
  11. When the bundle is complete, select No if you do not want to add additional items to this bundle now.
  12. Click Next.
  13. Click OK to confirm the new bundle.