Add an item

Applies to User Roles:

Service Catalog Manager

You can add two types of Service Catalog items: service item, and support item. Follow these steps if you want to add a service item.

  1. Click Service Catalog > Administration > Manage Items.
  2. Click Add New Service Item.

    Note To add a support item, click Add New Support Item instead.

  3. Complete the following fields. Fields that are marked with a red asterisk are mandatory fields.

    Field Description
    Item Name The unique name of the item. This must be unique for each item, as it is the unique identifier of the item in the catalog.
    Display Name

    The display name of the item. The display name you assign to the item does not have to be unique within the catalog.

    Business Service The business service that is supported by this item.

    A short description of the item.

    Detailed Description

    A detailed description of the item. This may include instructions on how to request the item.

    Note You can format the text in this field. Refer to the HTML Editor help for more information.

    Currency The currency in which the cost of the item is specified.
    Internal Costs The costs that the internal team needs to provide the item.
    Charges A numeric value that represents the amount of money that should be charged to the end user who requests the item.
    Recurring Charges A numeric recurring charge for the item.
    Per Specifies how often the recurring cost payment is due. The drop-down list provides options including Hour, Day, Week, Month, or Year.
    Information-only item check box

    Select this option, if desired. Some items in the Service Catalog are for information only, such as instructions on how to order items from an outside service. Information-only items only have an item picture, description, and attachments; they do not include purchasing options.

    Note If you selected Information-only, you will not be prompted to specify the Internal Costs, Charges, Recurring Charges, Currency, or Per information.

    Restrict request to single bundle check box This option limits the quantity of this item that a user can order to one. If you select this option, the quantity field on the order form will be inactive.
  4. Click Next.
  5. Select a connector and parent category.
  6. Click Next.
  7. Depending on the connector you choose, you need to select either the Request Category, Change Type, or Part Number.
  8. Click Finish, and then click OK to confirm the new item.

    The new item is created with an initial workflow phase of Published and an initial status of Operational. Additionally, the new item is set to active automatically upon creation.