Change archival

Closure of processed changes and tasks is a standard part of the workflow. The closure action not only supports saving of the record but separate validations, rules, and possibly even separate forms to ensure business success. Closing a change does not remove it from the database.

The most typical approach for archiving records is to leverage the chosen RDBMS tools from Oracle or MS SQL Server to perform their database administration for purging and archiving.

HPE Service Manager provides an archive and purge tool that can be configured by table and criteria for archiving. This is a facility only the administrator would use. This capability allows the ability to archive either manually or on a scheduled basis.

One new capability in this area is the ability to take advantage of the HPE archive tool suite. These tools allow data to be archived out of Service Manager into a system accessible file system. The production or alternative instance of Service Manager can then be used to access these data records.