Change workflows

The HPE Service Manager Change Management module implements ITIL processes for change management. The module ensures that standardized methods and procedures are used for efficient and prompt handling of all changes to an organization’s infrastructure, from the time the need for the Change is realized until the time the Change is fully executed. Workflows for Normal, Standard, and Emergency changes are provided and additional workflows can be added by the customer if required by their processes. Each of these workflows enables personnel and management to:

  • Create a request for change (RFC) record, assigning a unique number against which all activity can be tracked and reported
  • Within a change record, identify the tasks (work processes) required to accomplish the change
  • Follow, track, and query changes through the entire implementation cycle

    Workflow phases identify the logical sequence of repeatable steps within the change implementation cycle. There is also a visualization of the current phase, previous, and potential future phases of the RFC.

Response-time objectives are available for both changes and change tasks. These objectives set goals for the amount of time required to move the record from one phase to another and have associated business rules, alerts, escalations, and notifications.