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Managing Change Management messages

Change Management sends messages in response to an event. They are directed to specific operators listed in the event record and contain values from the specific fields in quote, order, and line item records that cause the initial event.

Change Management message processing includes the following actions:

  • Check for Field Name and Operators in the cm3rmessages record or ends processing if neither Field Name nor Operators exist
  • Record the generic message (from the cm3rmessages record Append Text field) in the msglog
  • Send the standard message and the mail message to the operators defined in the Operators field of the cm3rmessages record.
  • Send a message to the operators defined in those fields referenced by the Field Name field of the cm3rmessages record

    Change Management assumes the content of these fields is a group. If this group name is found in the cm3rgroups file, then either the Members or Approvers (depending on the Member List field) of that group are added to a working list. If the group name does not exist, the system searches the operator file. If an operator record is found, it is added to the working list.

  • Check the working list for operators
  • Send the message