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Service Catalog Audit Trail

HPE Service Manager does not audit the Service Catalog items but has a utility by which the system can create a copy of the catalog item record every time it is updated. In this way all changes to the items are fully documented.

HPE Service Manager date/time and user stamps to each record when the record is created or saved. HPE Service Manager uses this to provide an audit trail capability that identifies the updates to the CIs/services. Each time the CI record is updated (whether manually or automatically), updates document the attributes that were updated.

HPE Service Manager also provides an auditing feature that records modifications to fields within the HPE Service Manager database. Field modifications are detected by comparing the fields in the original version of a record to the updated version. When modifications are detected, an Audit Log entry is recorded for each changed field showing the name of the modified field, the old and new version of the data, the current date/time, and the current operator’s user ID.