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Service Catalog: Search

The Service Catalog interface has built-in search capabilities. The end user can search the entire catalog or can restrict the service to a specific category. In either case, HPE Service Manager allows the end user to see search results based on items available to that user.

The search engine performs a word search in the service catalog item description field. The search technology is flexible enough to find a match if the search terms share a common root. For example, a search for “security” will return items whose description uses the words “security,” “secure,” or “securely.”

This leniency speeds up the search throughout the catalog, especially for business users that are not exposed daily to the catalog, or may not be familiar with its exact wording of the item being sought.

  • IR search must be enabled for Service Catalog search. To enable IR search, set the ir_disable parameter to 0.

  • To enable Service Catalog search, the description and desplayName fields in the svcDisplay DBDICT are set as the IR key by default.