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Catalog Design

Catalog Managers can design the catalog using native tools within HPE Service Manager. The catalog structure is flexible and can be modified to accommodate any content structure. Here are some examples of the flexibility of the framework:

  • Any HPE Service Manager business service owner can create or maintain a catalog using a simplified HPE Service Manager interface and wizards to guide them in adding or changing service offerings.
  • Catalog items can include any type of service, from password reset to new application access, from mail box capacity upgrade to new service request (for example, a request for application hosting service not yet provided).
  • Each business service can be associated with one or more categories thus reflecting the multiple facets of some of the more complex business services.
  • The categories themselves are organized in a hierarchical manner, which is not only useful to the Catalog Manager, but also to the business users when they need to find a catalog item.
  • The Service Catalog module allows Catalog Managers to create their own hierarchy of categories to more closely match their organization’s nomenclature.