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Self-service access

Employee Self-Service (ESS) enables you to connect with a Service Manager application to request a service, provide information, or track previous requests. You do not need any special training or software. If you can connect to the Service Manager server using a supported browser, you can open, modify, and cancel service requests. There are two interfaces for self-service access; the one you choose depends on which option is configured on your system:

Standard ESS View: provides a simplified Service Desk interface for you to create, view, and update service requests. To learn more, see the related topics links.

Note: The ESS interface has been designed so that users can easily understand what they need to do; therefore, no Service Manager help icon is available. If users want to see the online help, their System Administrator can provide them with a URL that they can enter into their web browser.

Service Request Catalog (SRC): provides an an easy-to-use, questionnaire-style Service Desk interface, which allows you to create, view, and update service requests. SRC guides you through request creation, which enables the service request to be created more quickly and accurately. Self-service support for catalog and non-catalog items, approvals, and approval delegation is also provided. A dashboard shows the status of service requests and catalog requests. An Assistance panel provides quick and easy access to SRC online help. To learn more, see the embedded help and the SRC online help, both of which are accessible directly from SRC.

Note: For more information, see the Service Request Catalog for Service Manager: Installation and Configuration guide.