Change Coordinator

The Change Coordinator user role has the following responsibilities:

  • Register changes
  • Review the changes received and validate the change after filtering
  • Complete registration of changes by applying the correct change model and providing the change details
  • Coordinate the assessment phase of the change, and create change planning based upon the assessment information
  • After approval, coordinate the change implementation according to the planning created earlier
  • Assign tasks to the Change Analysts and perform action based on the outcome of the change implementation
  • After implementation, evaluate the change handling and close the change

To execute this role, the Change Coordinator has following tasks available:

Note For an overview of how these tasks fit in the Change Management workflow, see Change Management workflows and user tasks.

ITIL workflow Tasks
Change logging (ST 2.1)
Change review (ST 2.2)
Change assessment and planning (ST 2.3)
Change approval (ST 2.4)
  • None
Coordinate change implementation (ST 2.5)
Change evaluation and closure (ST 2.6)
  • None
Emergency change handling (ST 2.7)
  • None
Change Management tasks