Change Manager

The Change Manager user role has the following responsibilities:

  • Review all changes after the assessment and planning phase and address the right Change Approvers
  • Organize Change Advisory Board meeting if necessary
  • Update the change after approval is given
  • Periodically review changes in a Post Implementation Review and determine and execute follow-up actions
  • Coordinate all activities in case the emergency change handling procedure is triggered

To execute this role, the Change Manager has following tasks available:

Note For an overview of how these tasks fit in the Change Management workflow, see Change Management workflows and user tasks.

ITIL workflow Tasks
Change logging (ST 2.1)
  • None
Change review (ST 2.2)
Change assessment and planning (ST 2.3)
  • None
Change approval (ST 2.4)
Coordinate change implementation (ST 2.5)
  • None
Change evaluation and closure (ST 2.6)
Emergency change handling (ST 2.7)
Change Management tasks