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Client parameters for Windows clients

These parameters override Windows client preferences. Any client parameter that you set on the server overrides the local client preference and prevents users from changing it. You can set these parameters from the Service Manager server's operating system command prompt or from the Service Manager initialization file (sm.ini).

Startup parameter Description
Startup parameter: chartrefresh Specifies the length of time that Service Manager waits between refreshing charts
Startup parameter: clientformcache Enables Windows clients to cache forms
Startup parameter: clientsideunload Enables client-side unloading of Service Manager files
Parameter: servicemanager.disableclientprinting Removes the Print and Print Preview menu items from the menu in Windows client
Parameter: heartbeatinterval Controls the client heartbeat frequency
Startup parameter: sessiontimeout Defines the number of minutes that the server waits for a client heartbeat signal before the server assumes that the client session has timed out and closes the connection
Startup parameter: useservertabs Causes Service Manager clients to display tabs in the order the server has them saved on the form
Startup parameter: viewactivenotes Causes Service Manager clients to display server messages in the Messages view
Startup parameter: viewpromptforsave Causes Service Manager clients to prompt the user to save changes when they close forms
Startup parameter: viewrecordlist Causes Service Manager clients to display the record list and record details simultaneously