Security parameters

These parameters determine the access requirements for the server. You can set these parameters from the HPE Service Manager server's operating system command prompt or from the Service Manager initialization file (sm.ini).

Security parameter Brief description
Startup parameter: changeencrkey Changes the database encryption key by updating all the encrypted fields
Startup parameter: denyattachwithoutext Enables the Service Manager server to check contents of attachments without file extensions submitted through web services.
Startup parameter: encryptionkey Defines the encryption key that is used to encrypt fields in the database
Parameter: fipsmode Determines if the Service Manager server runs in FIPS 140-2 compliant mode
Startup parameter: ntsecuritygroup Restricts access to the Service Manager application on the server
Parameter: querysecurity Determines if the Service Manager server requires a security hash with web tier URL queries
Startup parameter: restaccessviabrowser Determines if RESTful access to the Service Manager server through a web browser is allowed.
Startup parameter: soap12binding Enables or disables SOAP 1.2 binding on the server
Startup parameters: JavaScript access Specifies access restrictions from JavaScript code for file access and command execution
Startup parameter: upgradeencralg Upgrades the database encryption algorithm from DES to AES by updating all encrypted fields with a new 256-bit key