LDAP parameters

These parameters determine how the server manages connections to an LDAP directory service. You can set these parameters from the HPE Service Manager server's operating system command prompt or from the Service Manager initialization file (sm.ini).

Startup parameter Brief decription
Startup parameter: ldapauthenticateonly Requires the Service Manager server to use LDAP for login authentication only
Startup parameter: ldapbinddn Defines the name that the Service Manager server uses to bind to the LDAP server
Startup parameter: ldapbindpass Defines the password the Service Manager server uses to bind to the LDAP server
Startup parameter: ldapdisable Disables the LDAP login authentication procedure
Startup parameter: ldapdisconnect Specifies when the Service Manager server disconnects from the LDAP server
Startup parameter: ldapmaxrecords Specifies the maximum number of records to return from an LDAP query
Startup parameter: ldapnosizelimitmsg Disables the "Size limit exceeded" message from the LDAP server, so that this informational message does not display in each client and confuse users
Startup parameter: ldapnostrictlogin Allows users with valid operator records to log into to Service Manager without also having a valid LDAP record
Startup parameter: ldapsearchscope Specifies whether to search the LDAP base directory only or the LDAP base directory and subtrees
Startup parameter: ldapserver Defines any back up LDAP servers that the Service Manager server can connect to if the primary LDAP server is unavailable
Startup parameter: ldapsslallownocert When this parameter is enabled, the RTE does not check a CA's root certification. In this situation, you do not need to set a root certificate for the CA that issued the LDAP server’s certificate on the Service Manager server in order to enable LDAP over SSL in Service Manager
Startup parameter: ldapstats Causes Service Manager to record LDAP query statistics in the sm.log file.
Startup parameter: ldaptimelimit Defines the maximum number of seconds that Service Manager waits for a response to an LDAP query.