Create Custom Published Item


A catalog contains published catalog items for consumer fulfillment in the Service Portal.

The Organization Administrator can create additional catalog items that are variations of aggregated items by creating custom published items from template items.

The following figure shows the process to create a custom published item.


To create a new custom published item from a template item (shown in the bottom of the figure):

  1. From the Launchpad, click the Catalog Items application. The Catalog Items view is displayed.
  2. In the Catalog Items view, select Template Items from the Items (left) area. The list of template items is displayed.
  3. Click the template item that is the source of the custom published item. The Details view for the template item is displayed.
  4. Click Publish. The Publish item to catalog dialog is displayed.
  5. In the Publish item to catalog dialog, select the catalog that will contain the initial published item. (Only catalogs where the catalog item is not currently published are listed.)
  6. Click Publish. The initial published item is published to the specified catalog and displayed in the Details view.
  7. To create a custom published item that is a variation of the initial published item, in the Details view, click Edit.
  8. In the Details dialog, specify the unique properties for the custom published item, such as Display Name, Description and Details. You can also specify the Categories and Main Image. Note that a modified icon appears after each field that you modified in the Details dialog.
  9. Click Save to finish and save the new custom published item.

    The new custom published item is published and available as a catalog item in the catalog you specified for consumer fulfillment in Service Portal.

After creating the new customized published item, you can specify the following properties:


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