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Managing Overlapping IP Addresses in NAT Environments

NNMi helps you manage areas of your network that include Network Address Translation (NAT) domain implementations (potentially causing duplicate IP addresses, and requiring NNMi configuration for handling the NAT internal/external IP address pairs). NNMi administrators identify each NAT domain by creating a Tenant definition. NNMi identifies each Node by using a Tenant / IP address pair. Addresses are not considered duplicates unless they are duplicated within one Tenant’s group of Nodes.

Note Duplicate IP addresses outside of the context of NAT domain integrations: If your network includes firewall or load-balancer devices that have duplicate IP addresses / MAC addresses (such as virtual instances hosted on a physical device). The NNMi administrator populates a configuration file with the sysObjectId values of the firewall and load-balancer. Then, NNMi successfully acknowledges each instance of a Node object having those sysObjectId values (rather than merging all as if they were the same Node object).