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Monitor Performance with Network Reports

The NNM iSPI Performance for Metrics installer provides the Network Performance Server (NPS), which extends NNMi's functionality by providing a platform for performance data storage, analysis and reporting. The NPS platform is used by NNMi and iSPIs to build reports with the performance data.

Through NPS, NNMi provides a comprehensive set of customizable reports and graphs that support interactive and operational performance management and scheduled reporting. The reports and graphs provide actionable insight into the performance of the network.

At the core of the foundation provided by NPS is the column-based database management system (DBMS), which enables you to effectively store, access, and track network performance data.

Extension Packs provided by the iSPIs add rules and definitions to the NPS deployment to generate reports. These rules and definitions enable the business intelligence component—the BI Server—to generate insightful and actionable reports.