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Configure Security

NNMi administrators configure security to meet the needs of their user environment.

See Determine Your Security Strategy for ideas.

Tip NNMi can be configured to use the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) and X.509 Certificates such as Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) user authentication for NNMi user names, passwords, and User Group Membership assignments. Additional steps are required. See Choose a Mode for NNMi Access.

NNMi enables an NNMi administrator to configure the following access control features:

NNMi administrators can configure security in several ways:

Using the Security Folder

Using the Security Wizard View

nnmsecurity.ovpl command line tool

The NNMi administrator also needs to understand the following:

Control Menu Access

Set Up Command Line Access to NNMi

Communicate Console Access Information to Your Team

About Multi-Tenancy and Global Network Management

Verify that your NNMi Security configuration is working as expected:

Monitor NNMi Access