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Use Route Analytics Management System (RAMS) with NNMi Advanced

Route Analytics Management System (RAMS) is an IP Route Analytics tool that monitors routing protocols and builds a real-time routing topology map. You can use RAMS data to enhance NNMi.

  • After configuring RAMS as described in Configure Route Analytics Management System (NNMi Advanced), the NNMi Path View displays the following enhanced information:

    • NNMi displays the Path View map faster, because RAMS does not use data collected from SNMP MIBs to determine the routing paths (avoiding any SNMP timeout issues).
    • Path View might be more accurate than the Path View data collected from NNMi alone.
    • When RAMS data determines the router paths, NNMi ignores the PathConnections.xml file (see Configure a Path View Map).
  • After you configure RAMS as described in  RAMS MPLS WAN Configuration (NNMi Advanced), NNMi provides the following additional information:

    • The Inventory workspace's MPLS WAN Clouds (RAMS) table view shows data. Additional information is provided on each MPLS WAN Cloud (RAMS) form.
    • A new NNMi map, the MPLS WAN Cloud Map view, is available from the Actions menu for participating objects.
    • Path View shows all Equal Cost Multi-Paths (ECMP) rather than being limited to one route.

Note (NNMi Advanced) Path View works only with IPv4 addresses. The NNMi Advanced IPv6 address values are not valid choices for Path View. Any devices in your network that are configured with IPv6 addresses cannot be displayed on Path View maps.

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For more information on MPLS WAN, see the Route Analytics Management System (RAMS) for MPLS WAN User’s Guide, which is available at:

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