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Known Issues

The following known issues apply to this release of NNMi and iSPIs:



ID Issue Workaround
NNMi QCCR1B154108 404 error appears when opening iSPI release note from Help menu of the NNMi console in Japanese None
NNMi QCCR1B154111 Connection from vSwitch to vmNIC is not discovered on the ESXi Node None
NNMi QCCR1B154036 Database IDs are shown as PW VC IDs for BGP-based VPLS PWs in the NNMi console None
NNMi QCCR1B145938 Certain Topology Maps show error messages when the 'Save Map' button is clicked None
NNMi QCCR1B151545 The “Limiting connection” message appears on top of the VLAN name drop-down menu None
NNMi QCCR1B152400 All the graphs are overlapped with the graph icons next to the graphs at the default zoom value None
NNMi QCCR1B153758 Truncation issue in the installation wizard on a Japanese system None
NNMi QCCR1B153838 nnmcertmerge.ovpl with the -directory option does not merge the keystore files None
NNMi QCCR1B153960 NNMi post-installation configuration sometimes shows an error message when upgraded from NNMi 10.10 None
NNMi QCCR1B154018 NullPointerException while accessing the Interface details None
NNMi QCCR1B154019 The IllegalArgumentException error appears while accessing interface details None
NNMi QCCR1B154020 Negative ifIndex values are shown for certain interfaces None
NNMi QCCR1B151546 The VLAN drop-down menu is not user friendly None
NNMi QCCR1B136902 If you disable an ESXi VMNIC (using ESXi tools), and then ultimately unplug the cable on the VMNIC, the NNMi console continues to show the VMNIC s disabled (and not unknown). Restart the ESXi host.
NNMi QCCR1B139317

VM node reconciliation problem between tenants—-This problem appears only if all of the following conditions are true:

  • NNMi discovers a Virtual Machine (VM) through two different discovery methods. Once the VM is discovered using a Web Agent, and then the same VM is discovered again using an SNMP Agent.
  • The two instances of the VM are assigned to two different tenants during the discovery process, which is possible when:

    • One VM instance is auto-discovered when its ESXi server is seeded and the ESXi server is configured for one tenant.
    • The other VM instance is initially discovered when its IP address is seeded and this seed object is configured to be assigned a different tenant.

As a result, two instances of the same VM appear in the NNMi inventory.

When you assign the Web Agent-discovered VM instance to the tenant where the SNMP Agent-discovered VM instance belongs (or vice versa), the VM instance that is assigned to the new tenant replaces the VM instance that already resided in that tenant.

When discovering VMs, assign the ESXi server and its VMs to the same tenant first, and then move VM instances to tenants of your choice. This enables NNMi to merge the VM data collected from multiple agents before the VM is assigned to a different tenant.
NNMi QCCR1B139468 VM name and host name during initial discovery—-When the initial discovery continues, it is possible that the VM name and the host name of a VM are set to the Partition ID of the VM. Once the discovery of the VM completes, the correct VM name and host name are set. Wait for initial discovery to complete.
NNMi QCCR1B148891 If you install NNMi10.30 manually after installing NNMi10.20, the Small IPv6 Subnet connection rule (introduced in 10.30) does not appear in the Subnet Connection Rules tab in the Discovery Configuration form.

If the Small IPv6 Subnet connection rule does not appear in the Subnet Connection Rules tab, follow these steps:

  1. Log on to the NNMi console as administrator.
  2. Launch the Discovery Configuration form.
  3. In the Subnet Connection Rules tab, click New.
  4. Type Small IPv6 Subnet in the Name box.
  5. Make sure that the Enable option is selected.
  6. In the Minimum Prefix Length box, type 127.
  7. Click Save & Close.

NNM iSPI Performance for Metrics QCCR1B138786 Custom Poller metrics and topology attributes are not included in the Cross-Domain Extension Pack built in a distributed deployment of NPS. None
NNM iSPI Performance for Metrics QCCR1B138393 Online Help cannot be launched from Report Views that are saved under My Folders in the NPS console. Launch the Online Help from the NPS home page.
NNM iSPI Performance for Metrics QCCR1B138794

The Forward and Backward buttons in the online help banner do not work. This issue is seen only in the Metrics and Topology Attributes topic for each Extension Pack.

Use browser's back button or the table of contents of online help to navigate to a topic of your choice.
NNM iSPI Performance for Metrics QCCR1B138789 The Print button in the online help banner does not work. This issue is seen only in the Metrics and Topology Attributes topic for each Extension Pack. Copy the content of the topic into a file by using a word processing software application, and then use the print command of the word processing software.
NNM iSPI Performance for QA QCCR1B127638 The Global Node Response map appears to be blank when it is zoomed in and refreshed.
  1. Zoom out the map twice.
  2. Refresh the map.
  3. Zoom the map in again, and then refresh the map.
NNM iSPI Performance for QA QCCR1B162372 The Performance tabs in the Analysis panes of the NNM iSPI Performance for QA views are blank. None