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Integrate NNMi Elsewhere with URLs

Use URLs to provide access to the console or certain NNMi features. For example:

  • Embed views within your company Web portal.
  • Launch a map from within other applications, such as from an email.
  • Launch a filtered view from a browser window to quickly find the information you need.
  • Run a tool without opening the console.

The URLs you write must conform to W3C Rules for URLs.

For a quick-reference list of all URL choices for launching NNMi, see HelpDocumentation LibraryIntegrate NNMi Elsewhere with URLs. The Integrate NNMi Elsewhere with URLs page also contains a link to a list of sample URLs that you can copy/paste as a starting point.

Prerequisite: NNMi requires authentication for access through URLs. See Authentication Requirements for URLs Access.