Use > Display NNMi Version and License Information

Display NNMi Version and License Information

Select HelpAbout Network Node Manager i Software to display the following information:

  • The name of the NNMi product currently installed:

    • Network Node Manager i
  • The current version number of NNMi.
  • Type will be one of the following:

    Instant-On NNMi provides a 60-day 250 Node license automatically during installation.
    Community This means the free trial version of NNMi is installed.
    Capacity This means NNMi is installed.
    Capacity(Adv) This means NNMi Advanced is installed.
    Premium This means NNMi Premium is installed.
    Ultimate This means NNMi Ultimate is installed.

See also HelpSystem Information, and navigate to the System Information: Product Tab and System Information: Extensions Tab.