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Create Groups of Nodes or Interfaces

Groups of nodes or interfaces are used for a variety of purposes within NNMi. Use of these groups is optional.

  • Use node and interface groups to create custom view filters that help your team quickly sift through data in the NNMi views and identify the most important information.
  • Special Actions are available for Node Groups and Interface Groups.
  • Use Node Groups and Interface Groups to specify monitoring configuration settings. See Monitor Network Health. For example, configure a different health monitoring interval for each group.

  • (NNMi Advanced - Global Network Management feature) On a Regional Manager, use Node Groups to limit the amount of data available to Global Managers in your network environment. See Regional Manager Configuration for more information.
  • (NNM iSPI Performance) If you are using the NNM iSPI Performance for Metrics or NNM iSPI Performance for Traffic, control performance monitoring and provide report filters by Node Group -- click here for more information.

    Tip (NNM iSPI Performance for Metrics only) NNMi automatically synchronizes Interface Group and Node Group configuration changes between NNMi and NNM iSPI Performance. However, in some cases, additional configuration changes that affect Node Group or Interface Group membership might take longer to synchronize. If you do not see one or more nodes in an NNM iSPI Performance report that are visible in NNMi, use the Actions NNM iSPI PerformanceSync Interface and Node Groups with NNMi option. This option forces NNMi to synchronize the Interface and Node Group information between NNMi and NNM iSPI Performance more quickly than the default time frame.

Once Node Groups or Interface Groups are defined, you can reuse them within any context (view filtering and NNMi configuration settings) or you can configure them to be hidden from the view filter lists. 

View Filter Possibilities
Filter Available in NNMi views based on: Object Type
Incident Node Interface IP Address Card Node Sensor Physical Sensor
Node Groups
Create Node Groups
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Interface Groups
Create Interface Groups
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