Use > Monitor with the NNM iSPI Performance for QA

Monitor with the NNM iSPI Performance for QA

After you install NNM iSPI Performance for QA, a new workspace for Quality Assurance gets added to your NNMi console.

The Quality Assurance workspace displays all the QA probes discovered in the network.

You can launch the detailed information on a selected QA probe using this workspace.

To launch the Quality Assurance workspace:

  1. Log on to NNMi console using your user name and password.

    User roles determine access to the NNMi console workspaces, forms, and actions. NNMi provides the following roles. It is not possible to create additional roles or change the names of the roles provided by NNMi:

    • Administrator
    • Operator Level 2
    • Operator Level 1
    • Guest

    You should not use the System role or Web Service Client role. NNMi provides the System role for accessing NNMi the first time during installation and for command line access. NNMi provides a special Web Service Client role to provide access for software that is integrated with NNMi.

  2. Click Quality Assurance in the Workspaces panel. The Quality Assurance tab expands, displaying the various options as shown in the figure below:

    Legend View
    1 QA Probes Inventory View
    2 Critical QA Probes Inventory View
    3 Probes Threshold Exceptions Inventory View
    4 Probes Baseline Exceptions Inventory View
    5 QoS Interfaces Inventory View
    6 QoS Policies Inventory View
    7 QoS Actions Inventory View
    8 QoS Interfaces Threshold Exceptions Inventory View
    9 QoS Actions Threshold Exceptions Inventory View
    10 Ping Latency Pairs Inventory View
    11 QA Groups Inventory View