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Monitor Network Health

NNMi administrators control which network devices NNMi monitors. By monitoring only the devices that are important within your network environment, the amount of traffic generated by NNM is kept to a minimum. NNMi administrators can configure NNMi to check devices with status other than critical less frequently (if at all) to prevent unimportant incidents from showing up in the Incident views.

Before configuring NNMi monitoring behavior, the following tasks must be completed:

For the most flexibility, also complete these tasks:

For ideas about what is possible, see these topics:

NNMi administrators configure NNMi monitoring behavior to meet your team's needs:

  1. Start by establishing the appropriate settings for the monitoring tools provided by NNMi. See Configure NNMi Monitoring Behavior.

    The State Poller and the Causal Engine work together to monitor the health of your network. Many of the tasks your team normally does to troubleshoot network problems can be automated. To learn more about how this works, see the following topics:

  2. Then write your own custom monitoring tools to meet any special requirements for your team. See Create Custom Polling Configurations.