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Help for Operators Monitor with the NNM iSPI for IP Telephony

The NNM iSPI for IP Telephony provides you with a complete framework to monitor the IP telephony devices available on your network. You can discover all the available IP telephony devices and topologies with the help of the NNM iSPI for IP Telephony. After installing and configuring the NNM iSPI for IP Telephony, you can perform the following tasks:

  • Monitor the states of the IP telephony environment

    The inventory views presented by the NNM iSPI for IP Telephony shows detailed states of every discovered device in tables. You can view the following details of a device:

    • IP address and hostname
    • Version, model, or type of the device
    • Status of the device

    The NNM iSPI for IP Telephony provides the following workspaces to the NNMi console:

    • Acme IP Telephony
    • Cisco IP Telephony
    • Avaya IP Telephony
    • Nortel IP Telephony
    • Microsoft IP Telephony

    You can access all the IP Telephony–related views from these workspaces. The individual views present the device details in tables, and you can launch forms from the views to access the connectivity details.

    To launch an IP telephony view:

    1. From the Workspaces pane, click the IP Telephony tab that you want to view. The selected IP Telephony tab expands and displays the available IP Telephony view.
    2. Click the view of your interest. The view appears on the right pane.
  • Monitor the health of the IP telephony network
    The IP Telephony network consists of several IP telephony devices along with several networking devices and elements. The NNM iSPI for IP Telephony can identify the faults related to IP telephony communication on the network topology that is discovered by NNMi. NNMi, in conjunction with the NNM iSPI for IP Telephony, presents the faults identified in the discovered topology in the network inventory views.
  • Investigate problems and troubleshoot
    NNMi helps you view the discovered network topology in a graphical format, which assists you in diagnosing the defects in your network. You can view the layer 2 or layer 3 path for every device. You can also view the connectivity status between two or more devices. Each device is represented as a node in these graphs, and the color of each node indicates the status of the device.

To perform a basic monitoring of the IP Telephony network, you can log on to the NNMi console with the operator (level 1 or 2) or guest credentials. After you log on to the NNMi console, you can view the inventory views introduced by the NNM iSPI for IP Telephony. You can access the views to monitor the status and necessary details for every IP Telephony device.

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