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What's New in This Release

NNMi PremiumUltimate includes the supplementary add-in components (also known as iSPIs) along with the core NNMi software. This section lists all the new features added to NNMi as well as iSPIs.

Feature Description

This version of NNMi introduces the ability to discover and monitor BGP nodes.

User Interface

A new check box enables you to discover BGP nodes.

For more information, see NNMi Help for Administrators.

The Performance tab from the NNMi Analysis pane is removed.

You can view the results of complete performance analysis in the Performance Troubleshooting console (requires the NNM iSPI Performance for Metrics).

To launch the Performance Troubleshooting console:

  1. Log on to the NNMi console as an administrator or operator.
  2. Right-click an incident or an object for which performance polling is enabled.
  3. Click NNM iSPI Performance > Performance Troubleshooting.

    Alternatively, click Actions > NNM iSPI Performance > Performance Troubleshooting.

NNM iSPI Performance for Metrics. New metrics for Component Health reports

The Component Health reports now provide options to choose the following additional metrics:

  • BGP Peer In Updates
  • BGP Peer Out Updates
  • BGP Total In Messages
  • BGP Total Out Messages
  • BGP Established Transitions

NNM iSPI for MPLS. BGP-based Virtual Private LAN Service (VPLS)

The NNM iSPI for MPLS can now monitor a BGP-based Virtual Private LAN Service (VPLS).
Switch to OpenJDK

The NNMi installer now ships with OpenJDK. While installing or upgrading NNM iSPI Performance for Metrics, you can choose to use the OpenJDK bundle that is embedded with the NNMi installer or any other JDK that is already installed on the NNMi management server.

For more information, see Java Development Kit with NNMi.

Unsupported in this release

This release of NNMi is not translated to the following languages:

  • Simplified Chinese
  • Russian
  • Korean