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Quick Start Configuration Wizard

Before you use the Quick Start Configuration Wizard, review “Using the Quick Start Configuration Wizard” in the NNMi Interactive Installation Guide. To access the NNMi Interactive Installation Guide, follow these steps:

  1. Unzip the file located in the top level directory of the NNMi 10.30 installation media.
  2. Double-click nnmi_interactive_installation_en.htm.

The Quick Start Configuration Wizard automatically runs immediately after Network Node Manager (NNMi) installation completes. Use the Quick Start Configuration Wizard to configure NNMi in a limited (or test) environment. The Quick Start Configuration Wizard helps you to complete the following initial set up tasks:

  • Provide the read community strings for your SNMPv1 or SNMPv2c environment to enable "Get" commands
  • Provide the USMUser-based Security Model settings for your SNMPv3 environment
  • Discover a limited range of network nodes
  • Set up an initial administrator account

You can launch the wizard using the following URL:


Note If the NNMi Web server uses the https protocol, use https instead of http.

<serverName> = the fully-qualified domain name of the NNMi management server (values allowed here are determined by the Enable URL Redirect setting in User Interface Configuration, see Configure the NNMi User Interface)

<portNumber> = the NNMi HTTP port number

Note recommends that you run the Quick Start Configuration Wizard only one time immediately after NNMi installation.

After using the Quick Start Configuration Wizard to set up a test network, see Launch a Configuration Workspace View for information about completing additional NNMi configuration tasks.