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Control the NNMi Console Menus

NNMi enables you to configure the following menu items in the NNMi console menus:

  • SNMP Line Graph Actions

    When you configure SNMP Line Graphs, you specify the graph appearance, including the MIB expression used to determine the values to be graphed. See Configure SNMP Line Graph Actions for more information.

  • Launch Actions

    When you configure Launch Actions, you provide access to in-house tools, Web sites, or a variety of other resources. URLs are used to configure this powerful feature of NNMi. You must follow W3C Rules for URLs. See Configure Launch Actions for more information. The syntax used to define the URL provides variables that can incorporate real-time data from the NNMi database. Click here for a list of choices: Concept Link IconSee Also

You control where each menu item appears in the menu structure:

Behavior of the Menu Items

If you do not assign an SNMP Line Graph or Launch Action to a particular menu item, the menu item never appears in any NNMi console menu.

Some Menu Item Actions require that a particular Object Type be selected for the menu item to be available. If the required Object Type is not selected, the color of the menu item turns from black to gray to indicate it is unavailable.

If you deselect the Enabled attribute on the Menu Item form, the menu item never appears in the NNMi console's expandable menu structure.