MDT Form

The MDT form provides details about the selected Multicast Distribution Tree (MDT). The MDT form provides the complete data flow from one CE node to another CE node. The data flows from the CE - PE node to PE-CE node. The PE routers are configured with multicast-enabled VRFs (MVRF) and use the multicast services to transmit data. You can view the multicast traffic by starting the iSPI for IP Multicast.

MDTs Attributes

Attribute Description
Customer Source The IP address of the source that receives the multicast flows.
Customer Group The group IP address used to encapsulate the multicast flows of the customer.
Provider Source The IP address of the source PE node.
Provider Group The group IP address of the PE node.
Type The type of MDT flow such as Default MDT flow and Data MDT flow.
MVRF Name The name of the selected MVRF. This MVRF is the source to start all the multicast flows.

Analysis Pane

Information shown for MDTs form is same as that in MVPN Inventory. For more information, see MVPN Inventory.