MIB Expressions in Full URLs

MIB Expressions enable an NNMi administrator to add SNMP MIB Expression information to a Graph.

To determine the MIB Expressions available, navigate to the MIB Expressions option in the  Configuration workspace. The items listed in the table are the MIB Expressions that have been created as shown in the following example:

When using MIB Expressions in Graphs, provide the Unique Key value for the MIB Expression you want to use. To determine the Unique Key value, select the row containing the MIB Expression of interest, and click the Open icon. Look for the Unique Key value.

The following illustration shows the Basics section of a MIB Expression form with a Unique Key value provided by NNMi.

To pass MIB Expression data within your Full URL, type (or copy and paste) the exact text string from the Unique Key attribute into the expr= parameter.

Place the expr=[value] into a location in your URL that enables the result you want as shown in the following example.

The following example displays a Line Graph of the percentage of input packets with errors for a selected interface.

Note The Unique Key value appears in bold. Replace space characters with "+" or %20 (see W3C Rules for URLs).

http://<serverName>:<portNumber>/nnm/ launch?cmd=showLineGraph&init=ifindex=${ifIndex};expr=com.mycompany.ifInerrors;/ label=Input+Errors;&title=Graph+SNMP+Interface+Input+Errors/ &objtype=SnmpAgent&objidlist=${hostedOn.snmpAgent.id} 

Note If the NNMi Web server uses the https protocol, use https instead of http.

<serverName> = the fully-qualified domain name of the NNMi management server (values allowed here are determined by the Enable URL Redirect setting in User Interface Configuration, see Configure the NNMi User Interface)

<portNumber> = the NNMi HTTP port number

Note If you copy/paste this URL, remove the spaces that were added for line-ending purposes in the documentation.

See Attributes per Object Type for Full URLs for more information.