Configure Maps

NNMi enables you to configure the following maps:

  • Node Group Map views
  • Path View Maps

    Note The Node Group Overview map provided by NNMi is not configurable.

When configuring Node Group maps, you can do the following:

  • Include only the nodes that are important to you.
  • Specify which Node Group maps appear in the Quick Access Maps folder.
  • Specify refresh information.
  • View node groups in the context of a relevant background image, such as a map illustrating node locations.
  • View node groups in a customized arrangement.

When configuring Node Group map views, you can also specify the role level required to save maps in a customized arrangement. See Define Node Group Map Settings for more information.

When configuring Path View maps you specify undiscovered regions of your network by creating a PathConnections.xml file that defines the path between the undiscovered nodes. See Configure a Path View Map for more information.

You can also specify the maximum number of nodes to display on a map. See Define Default Map Settings for more information.

Note The NNMi Administrator can make the following adjustments using the file:

  • Labels on nodes and ports in maps scale as the map is zoomed in and out. The maximum width of the labels can be controlled.
  • By default, labels on nodes and ports are surrounded with a black rectangle to improve readability when labels overlap. The rectangle can be turned off.

Changes to these settings in the file are visible the next time users reload a map view.

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