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Define Node Group Map Settings

Node Group Map settings specify the node group and background image to be used in a Node Group map. Map settings include the following:

  • Node group name
  • Quick Access Maps folder ordering
  • Minimum role for saving edited locations for each node in the map
  • Refresh interval
  • The maximum number of map nodes
  • Node connectivity information
  • Node Group connectivity information
  • Background image information

To configure Node Group Map settings from the command line, see the nnmnodegroupmapsettings.ovpl Reference Page.

Node Group Map views are used for a variety of purposes in NNMi:

  • Viewing groups of only the nodes that are important to you.
  • Viewing Node Groups in the context of a relevant background image.
  • Viewing Node Groups in a customized arrangement.

To define Node Group Map Settings, use the Node Group Map Settings Form.

To view a Node Group Map, do one of the following:

  • Use the Actions menu from the NNMi main toolbar from either a Node Group or Node Group Map Settings form. See Node Group Map for more information.

    You can also right-click any object in a table or map view to access the items available within the Actions menu.
  • Use the Topology Maps workspace.

To view more information about the Node Group from a Node Group map, use the File Open Node Group for Map option to open the Node Group form  for the selected Node Group.