Remove a User from a User Group (User Account Mapping)

Only NNMi administrators can add and delete accounts and change NNMi User Accounts and User Groups. See About User Account Mappings.

Tip NNMi administrators can also use the Security Wizard or command line to complete this task. See Create and Delete User Accounts Using the Security Wizard or nnmsecurity.ovpl.

To remove a user from an NNMi User Group:

Note Removing a user from a User Group does not delete the User Account or User Group.

  1. Select the row representing the User Account mapping you want to change.
  2. Delete the User Account mapping by clicking the  Delete icon.
  3. Click  Save and Close.

    Note If you change the User Account mapping for a user who is currently signed into the NNMi console, the change does not take effect until the next time the user signs in. By default, the NNMi timeout limit is 18 hours. If a user has not signed out within 18 hours, NNMi forces the user to sign out. To change the Console Timeout value, see Configure the NNMi User Interface