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About User Account Mappings

User Account Mappings assign a User Account to one or more User Groups.

The NNMi administrator maps at least one predefined NNMi User Group to each User Account to determine which workspaces, views, menus, actions, and object attributes are visible to that User Account within the NNMi console. See About User Accounts and About User Groups and User Groups Provided in NNMi for details.

A User Account can be mapped to two or more User Groups. NNMi administrators can create any number of User Groups.

A User Account Mapping is a separate object in the NNMi database. Therefore, when you create or delete a User Account Mapping, you create or delete only the User Account Mapping, not the User Account or User Group.

NNMi administrators can map User Accounts to User Groups using the following methods:

NNMi can be configured to use the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) and X.509 Certificates such as Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) user authentication for NNMi user names, passwords, and User Group Membership assignments. Additional steps are required. See Choose a Mode for NNMi Access.

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