Configure Background Image Information for a Node Group Map

Use the Background Image tab of the Node Group Map Settings form to configure information about the Background Image to use on the Node Group map.

  1. Establish the appropriate settings to identify the Background Image information.
  2. Click  Save and Close to save and apply your changes.
Background Image Attributes
Attribute Description
Background Image

Enter the URL for the background image you want to use for this Node Group Map. You can use a background image provided by NNMi or add your own.

Note Click Background Image to view the map.

Use a Background Image Provided by NNMi

NNMi provides a set of background images that include maps of many countries. If you want to use one of those images, append the location and file name to the URL at which you access the NNMi console. Use the format: /nnmbg/<file name>. For example:


To see all of the available images provided by NNMi, browse to:


Note If the NNMi Web server uses the https protocol, use https instead of http.

<serverName> = the fully-qualified domain name of the NNMi management server (values allowed here are determined by the Enable URL Redirect setting in User Interface Configuration, see Configure the NNMi User Interface)

<portNumber> = the NNMi HTTP port number

Use a Background Image You Provide

You can also provide your own images. See Background Image Sources in Node Group Maps for more information about where to load the background images you want to use.

To see a list of all the images added to NNMi, access the following URL:


To use an image that has been added to NNMi, use the following URL:

/nnmdocs/images/<file name>

For example: /nnmdocs/images/myimage.gif

Note the following:

  • NNMi accepts images that can be loaded by a Web browser. Common file extensions include: .gif, .png and .jpg.
  • Image names are case sensitive. All background image file names provided by NNMi are lowercase.
  • Do not use http://<localhost> in your URL. This implies the image is on your local machine and is not available from other clients.
  • If using full URLs, all client machines must be able to resolve the DNS hostname of the server on which the images reside.
  • When you pan and zoom around the map, the background image moves in relation with the other objects on the map.

If the image does not display, see Troubleshoot URLs When Specifying a Background Image for more information.

Background Image Scale

The Background Image Scale attribute applies to the actual background image dimensions when displayed on a Node Group Map.

Enter a floating point number greater than zero (0.0) to indicate the ratio at which you want NNMi to scale the background image. For example, the value 1.0 represents a one-to-one ratio, resulting in a background image displayed at actual size. A value of 2.0 represents a two-to-one ratio, resulting in a background image displayed at twice the actual size.

Note The default ratio value is 1.0. (This means no scaling is applied.) Use this default value initially. You can adjust it as needed based on the relative size between the image and nodes.

See Scale Background Images in Node Group Maps for guidelines for scaling the background images you specify.