Administer > Configure Security > Using the Security Folder

Using the Security Folder

NNMi enables an NNMi administrator to configure the following configurations using Security workspace views:

Tip Select HelpSystem Information to view the User Name, NNMi Role, and User Group for the current NNMi session.

To configure Security using the Security workspace:

  1. Determine your Security strategy (see Determine Your Security Strategy).
  2. Navigate to the Security workspace.
  3. Make your configuration choices using the Security views. Refer to the About the <x> form Help available for each form within the Security views.

    NNMi's security model restricts access to the NNMi console based on User Account to User Group mappings. An NNMi administrator can also choose to restrict Node access based on Security Groups and Security Group Mappings (User Group to Security Group).

    Two examples are provided. Use these examples as a guideline for configuring security. 

    Note You can also configure security using the Security Folder in the Configuration workspace. See Using the Security Wizard View for more information. 

  4. Click  Save and Close.
  5. See Methods for Assigning Nodes to Security Groups.