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About User Groups

User Groups are part of the Security Configuration that controls who accesses the NNMi console.

NNMi provides the following predefined User Groups (NNMi users cannot access the NNMi console until their User Account is mapped to at least one of these). The predefined NNMi User Group that the NNMi administrator assigns to each User Account determines which workspaces, views, menus, actions, and object attributes are visible to each user within the NNMi console (see User Groups Provided in NNMi for details):

  • NNMi Administrators (no Security Group Mapping required)
  • NNMi Level 2 Operators
  • NNMi Level 1 Operators (with more limited access privileges than Level 2 Operators)
  • NNMi Guest Users

NNMi administrators can configure User Accounts using the following methods:

NNMi administrators can also create additional User Groups to fine tune NNMi access. See Determine Your Security Strategy.

NNMi can be configured to use the Lightweight Directory Access Protocol (LDAP) and X.509 Certificates such as Public Key Infrastructure (PKI) user authentication for NNMi user names, passwords, and User Group Membership assignments. Additional steps are required. See Choose a Mode for NNMi Access.

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